Cost To Refinish Hardwood Floors – A Tailored Quotation

Once you have made the decision to have your floors brought back to life, you may want to know a little bit more about the cost to refinish hardwood floors.  You will be pleased to know that having your floors refinished is the right choice, and the cost to refinish floors is always cost effective.  That is, it will be significantly cheaper than replacing the timber.  The great news is that full thickness timber flooring can be re-sanded multiple times, and although it does involve a lot of work, it mean that if your floors are treated and sanded correctly they can last a very long time.

Timber flooring is a significant investment for any home, and we strongly recommend not to risk DIY sanding jobs.  Even making simple mistakes, like taking off 1-2mm more than required, can have significant implications.  Achieving an even surface can be difficult for those without experience in the floor sanding industry.  Always involve a professional who has the relevant know how and tools to do the job properly.

The Price Is Variable And Dependent On Many Factors

Your hardwood floor refinishing cost will depend on many factors including the following:

Floor Area

Our quotes are build based on area, that is the larger the area to be treated the higher the price will be.  No job is too big or small for Glowood so don’t hesitate to contact us for small jobs.

Difficult Areas

Areas that are difficult to service such as stairs or enclosed spaces in cupboards can have a higher hardwood floor refinishing cost when compared to wide open areas.  This is because it becomes very difficult to sand these areas and more time is involved to ensure they look perfect.

Wood Type

Different species of wood have different densities.  Some are much harder than others and require more manual labor than others to complete the sanding process.

Desired Finishes

We stock a range of low volatile stains and varnishes depending on your desired effect and budget.

As you can see, the pricing of any floor sanding job is complex and requires a tailored quotation.  Get in touch with Glowood today so that one of our specialists can visit your home and give you a free no obligation quotation.