Glowood Floor Sanding Melbourne provides our customers with answers to all their floor sanding questions. Whether you need assistance choosing a product to use on your flooring or require information on our services, we are always pleased to help.


Q: How long does it take for your company to sand a floor of average size?


A: An average sized room is approximately 4.5 meters by 4 meters. It takes our floor sanding experts about two days on average to sand a floor of that size. Of course, this is just an estimate as the time it actually takes is dependent upon the condition of the floor and on how many repairs must be made.



Q: My timber floor is in bad shape and has not been treated for years. It is possible that sanding could renew my old flooring?


A: Many of the floors we service are in poor shape. In fact, the majority of the floors we work on have not been sanded for many years as they have been badly neglected. Your flooring is never in too poor shape for timber sanding because our experts strip away as many layers of wood necessary to reach a clean, workable surface.


Q: What are the benefits of sanding a wood floor?


A: There are many clear benefits associated with having a newly sanded timber floor. First off, newly sanded floors are beautiful to look at. A newly sanded floor will add a great deal of charm to your home or business while ensuring that it requires little or no maintenance. Sanded floors are also very easy to keep clean and they never trap odors or unpleasant smells like carpeted flooring. A newly sanded floor will be warm during the winter months and cool in the summer, providing you with year-round comfort and beauty.